To protect your investment and to ensure you have a safe journey we recommend you consider the following with servicing your RV every 12 months or 10,000 kilometres.

  1. Wheel bearings – inspect, repack and replace if necessary
  2. Brakes – ask to be inspected at bearing service. Most bearing services should include checking brakes.
  3. Suspension - first signs of suspension issues could be uneven tyre wear or unusual noises.
  4. Tyres – check inflation, abnormal tyre wear, cracking and ensure tyres are in date.
  5. Water leaks – After wet weather check inside all cupboards, inspect internal ceiling, window surrounds for signs of water ingress. If water is found while travelling, make temporary repairs using silicone or tape as soon as possible.
  6. Hot water system, flush pipes and change anode.
  7. Inspect bodywork for cracks in cladding, windows and hatches


“As clients of SouthWest RV Centre we will send you a text reminder 12 months after your last service.”

“Inspect your caravan regularly while on the road and safe travels.”

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